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“Welcome everybody! Grab a coffee & let’s talk about code.”

(If you don’t drink coffee you’re also allowed to continue reading – I love you nevertheless.)

So, I’m doing it. I actually decided to write a blog in the year 2020 and then I’ve actually started writing it. I hope this project helps you at least as much as it will help me because, in my eyes, there are a few reasons why it totally makes sense to write a blog.

Learning through Teaching

“While we teach, we learn.” – Seneca

In my current position, I coach several developers at different levels of their careers. So the topics range from basic programming concepts over clean code, testing, CI/CD to patterns, and architectural concepts. I’ve experienced that by teaching others and explaining things in a simple and comprehensible way I learn new things myself and some ideas become a lot clearer in my mind. I also like to give presentations, so I might add some slides or insights that I have presented at work – or, the other way around, I will present a topic that might interest my colleagues that I have written about so we can discuss it.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

Speaking of teaching, there are some topics that you will tackle again and again. Being a developer, to me it just makes sense to use the DRY-principle for these topics. That doesn’t mean that I will not ever talk about Clean Code again because there are awesome books and some blog articles about it but it means that I can prepare teaching material and re-use it the next time I talk about the topic.

In addition, I want to provide teaching material for other developers who are in a similar position as I am. We as developers are part of a big community that values sharing code, helping each other, and discussing different implementations. I believe that we can only benefit each other when we do the same with the information we teach to others and how we teach it.


Learning new languages, concepts, or frameworks won’t benefit you unless you actually apply your newly learned knowledge. So I will publish some coding-related challenges from time to time to give you the opportunity to implement your learnings. They should make you reflect on your way of learning, your way of coding, and always push you a little bit out of your comfort zone.

While we’re at it: I strongly believe in the benefit of regular discomfort. So I will not stop at coding challenges but challenge you (and me of course!) in other areas of life. You’ll see 😉

Getting in touch with others

Of course, I could go on about improving my writing skills, fame & glory, wealth, world domination and all that jazz… but really, I’d like to get to know you all and have some interesting conversations.

In the end, it’s people that matter.

So enjoy reading and let’s get in touch! 🙂

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